A competition might seem like a big leap for your students.  While prior experience from a business course can help, it is not required to compete.  We encourage all students to participate to further build their financial competence and confidence.  Just the act of exploring the topics of the competition is a step in the right direction and while top performers are awarded prizes, all students benefit from the experience and are recognized with a certificate of achievement.  Below we've provided sample questions by topic so that you and your students can get an idea of what to expect.  Use these questions as conversation starters or to identify a topic area to focus on as students explore the possibility of competing or prepare for the competition itself.

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This short quiz offers a look at the questions you might expect to see on the topic of accounting. Accounting is considered the language of business and provides the data and information business leaders need to make decisions about the day to day and future operations of a business.




Fraud & Financial Safety

Home Ownership

Income Management & Budgeting


Post-Secondary Financing